Database modification error caused the New World EU server to be rolled back

Before this rollback, the game went through a long maintenance period.

Amazon Games just rolled back New World’s Central EU server for a few hours because it accidentally gifted 300,000 gold coins to some players.

Before this rollback, the game went through a long maintenance period. Just a few hours after the gold was released, the entire server was down. The development team has stated that some people lose gold coins due to in-game taxes, and these compensations are to help them catch up.

In a forum post, developer Lane posted: After they released the patch this morning, a separate database modification was implemented by the European Union in order to provide recovery funds for players affected by in-game tax losses New World Coins since the feature release in November. And this modification was not the expected amount, but a very large amount was wrongly granted.

Lane added: Just as imagined, the players who get a lot of gold coins are spending crazy money and constantly buying a lot of items from the trading station. So they had to roll back the server before the database modification took effect so that they could find time to correct the error.

Now the EU server has been backed up. Although it is New World Gold very messy, it still requires players to wait patiently and return to Aeternum.

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