You will have more rewards in the newly updated Animal Crossing

After you build houses for those villagers in Happy Home Paradise, they may hang out on the beach.

You can find all kinds of wonderful things in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, but some things require players to explore carefully before they can discover them. And some of these things did not appear in Animal Crossing Direct.

So today, with the update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0, let me introduce you to what useful things have been added to the game.

Villagers Can Float On The Ocean: After you Buy Animal Crossing Items build houses for those villagers in Happy Home Paradise, they may hang out on the beach. For example, they will dance hula there, or exercise, and sometimes you will see them floating on the sea.

Doing Daily Stretches Will Win You Prizes (Eventually): Although we Animal Crossing Items haven't seen this happen so far, since Isabelle revealed the news, it will definitely happen in the end.

Daily Stretching Has Accessibility Options: If you are unable to participate in stretching exercises due to mobility difficulties, you do not need to worry about missing prizes, because you can use the button method instead.

Use Your Friends' ABDs: When you are visiting a friend’s island, you want to buy all the items in their store but you find that you don’t have enough pocket money. Now there are other ways to solve this problem. If there is an ABD (something similar to an ATM, also called an automatic bell dispenser) outside of them, you can use it to deposit and withdraw your own money.

Happy Home Paradise Also Has Message-In-Bottle Recipes: It’s very important to check your HHP beach daily, because you can just like on your home island, mystery island and Kapp’n island. Find the message in the bottle. If you visit them all, you can get at least four recipes in total a day!
A lot of interesting things have been added in the new update, which greatly enriches the game fun for players. Let players' daily life in the game become more diverse. Of course, Animal Crossing Items are very important in the game. If you have them and want to integrate them into the game, first you need to have a variety of Animal Crossing Items. If you don't want to spend time doing a lot of quests to get them, you can go to MMOWTS to have a look. They display a variety of Animal Crossing Items for players to choose from, and there will definitely be ones you like!