I stopped Runescape for approximately 6 moths

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Hello, Well, I figure this is it. Ive completed pretty much every requirement for RuneScape gold a berserker aside from monkey insanity and desert treasure....Ive decided to complete them equally inside these 2 days. Now, I have 3m to spend completing these quests, and no matter how high (should you thnk so)my stats are, I would like to get these two quests done fast and as EASY AS POSSIBLE. So, I really could invest 800k in a stunt multicannon, if you feel this is the easiest method for me to complete these 2 quests.

Tell me some tips and what to spend my money into before I begin these quests and that one to do first. Also, if you know a good ~35 defnce guide for these 2 quests, then give me the connection here. Otherwise ill be using sals realm guides. So yeah answer these questions Ill be happy thanks guys.

Alright, so I stopped Runescape for approximately 6 moths or so, and I chose to come back. The only stats I've so far is 14 scope (I just created a brand new acc) and I was wondering exactly what to do with this particular account. I'm not thinking of Pking, I need this to be all rounded due to the fact that I could get membership soon. I wished to know where to begin, and the best way to begin working on this accounts.

There's not any trade limitation so if you have a buddy that wants to help you out he can. Combat-wise, I suggest becoming 40 in most melee + scope for a start before you get membership. 1. 2. How should I go about training melee and array? Currently I am using iron arrows on cows in lumby with safespots. No it is not, they eliminated the transaction limit, it's exactly the exact same as before.

I suggest training on edgeville guys with melee untill you receive a sling, it is just like a slingshot with infinite ammo, get increased defence first so that you can train at greater places (cockroaches, spiders ) Uhh I know exactly what a sling is, you can get it from cows too. 2nd cow kill I got a twist, 1st kill is an air personnel. And questing can be a issue, I SUCK at questing. I don't have any idea which quests to perform, and if they're quite long, I get tired very easily. So essentially questing for complete rune armor and melee coaching are my only issues. Hey I need help!!! What is the best armour that will benefit me when coaching this skill(s). Please leave answers on any abilities you would want to inform me about and the armour suited to buy old school runescape gold my skill level!