I'm not just talking about pure's, so don't think I am ranting on them because I'm not.

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Ok I about to proceed along with buy5-6 months membership like at about 2-3 hours time. I have a list of goals that I truly wish to complete I will start with RS gold my most favourte and many wanted. Can u just tell me the best way to do all these... thnaks. Goal1: 99 cooking, I now have 74 cooking and have enough raws banked for to 84. I am considering doing tuna all the way like I will loose around 1.8mill all collectively. I believe I am going to do this at the burthope games room I think where that banker is standing next to the flame that never goes out.

Goal2: get 85 mining, I now have 74 mining and I think I will powermine the whole way. Is granite the fastest way to get exp in p2p? If that's the case how can I optimize my time there cause you need to keep drinking and you can only carry a lot of water bag thingys. Goal3: get my account prepared to make good cash at aviancies. You can see my current stats in my signiture. However, I think there are only three skills I need enhanced. 1. Wellbeing to 70, which is there by the ending. Where would be the best spot to train range and defence I'm considering ( a little creature whos name has escaped my mine) that folks train range on and camp there. Thank you for taking time reading this, sorry about all of the spelling mistakes in this, I am writing this fast cause I going to depart and dont have the time to proofread.

Yaks are excellent Range Xp, if you have completed the search to get to them and feel great with losing cash. A fantastic alternative is Fire Giants that is what I used from 55-70 and it took 3 days (playing about 4 hours daily, so 12 hours, while at Yaks it might take 6 hours or so). The excellent thing is, you may make a profit in Fire Giants because of the Rune drops. I used the ones supporting the Waterfall (Do Waterfall Quest) since you can Safe them. Any setup involving Knifes that your Range Attack will be low. And I only use Knifes in my Pure. Add me: k0_rang4. As for food, you can Safe both Fires and Yaks, however I'd bring like 5 Lobbies incase of Randoms, misclicks, etc..

In case you haven't noticed their is a great deal of pure/tank/new folks now!I can't go someplace without seeing this one kind pure/tank! I know this might not be big new's to a but I actually wanted to ask: what do you think about it? More people searching for more money mean's they merchant and so your losing money since they take more thing's, you are losing training spot's because of more folks coming: pures can even solo things GWD you lossing money/training spot or cash monster's.

I'm not just talking about pure's, so don't think I am ranting on them because I'm not. The rest Below is my previous article for the Slayer Tank I am re-writing all of it no worry's. And today I would like to discuss something I may have made or simply said something everyone know's already. Nah I am for sure understand one has done this! This is a Tank to me (is a pure) you basically get magic dart and use this everywhere I believe I'll make my main account into this - anyways you use slayer dart for everything so that this account is right for OSRS buy gold slayer! (you might have the ability to use this in PvP but I truly don't believe so and you can cross out any combat at all really).

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