Perhaps a prayer kettle if your really paranoid but you won't desire this

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There, so I Best OSRS Gold site guessed it'd be approximately 850k. Considering you can buy them for 1gp each, which is not bad for getting there on a budget. So basicly, have got it right? Yes, I know I overexagerated a lot pretty much everywhere but it's wonderful to get more than you want. Thanks. Also, I am aware there are 3 amulets that have a black string and green stone, one is Glarials Amulet (Waterfall pursuit ), one is the Gnome Amulet (Tree Gnome Villiage) but what is the other? Is it any good or is it a futile quest thing?

You can melee, range or mage them. I'd say range, watching your melee and magical levels are a bit low. Have a rune crossbow with ~2k adamant bolts (based on how long your staying, 1k is enough for a shorter trip), an anti-dragonbreath shield, complete dragonhide with archer helm and snakeskin boots, ring of riches, and the best RFD gauntlets you can wear/black dhide vambs. Additionally an ava's accumulator. Bring better equipment if you can afford to bring it (and lose it). In your inventory, you are able to take about 6-8 antifire potions (based on how long you intend on remaining ), a woodcutting axe and 875 gp (to get the dragons), some nature and fire runes always help to alch drops like rune limbs, a few sapphire (electronic ) bolts are good to poisen the dragons at the start, which helps a bit, then change to addy bolts (optional).

Perhaps a prayer kettle if your really paranoid but you won't desire this, and the remainder sharks. It's possible to bring variety potions, they speed you up quite a bit, but at extra cost. Simply stand back a few squares and range them, its simple once you arrive, make certain you're plagued with your antifire, you'll know when to repot when the dragons breath starts hitting on you (so long as your shield is equipped it is only going to hit 1-5 damage so don't fret too much).

Proselyte Full/Dragon Full/Guthans Full[just if you dont mind losing it should you die and dont mind wasting money for charging it] Abbysal Whip/D scimitar/or any single passed fast and robust weapon. Anti-Dragon/Dragon Fire shield. Amulet of fury or the dragon rock one. Best gloves you'll be able to get. Any ring. Rune/Dragon boot # Inventory. [approximately 10]. Some strength potions, anti-fire potions. . .only if you would like. [totally 5]. A dragon dagger p+++. Elf crystal[I got this from] 3-4 sharks or better. Id say splitbark since it provides some xtra defence. Everything depends on if you mind cheap RuneScape gold losing them in case you die and your money. The very best staff[consider the above] Antidragon/dragonfire. The rest like above. Inventory should be similar, but have space for runes for fire blast.

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