I find it super funny

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I find it super funny that someone asked Nick about his favourite Jets minute and he mentioned the Butt Fumble lmao. Deadass it's only name recognition at this point lol, only man I would place over Tress"that the GOAT" Way is Brett Kern. No, that is just what the App Store says. Nick said that on the flow yesterday. So is madden mobile 20 season going to Madden 21 coins overlap mm21?we still dont have a season end date for MM20,if you do please throw out a shout. It will come from the 6th, To be completely honest, I have no clue why it says the 4th. But if it does come out early, then the men and women who pre registered get a telling it is out early. Honestly, playing with the beta, I don't have any hope for this season. I have heard a ton of people say that it is way more fun than MM20. It's literally just a copy paste of MM20 with a few new visuals.

Usually I would not care because that is exactly what I expect out of sport matches but forcing individuals into a new app with no carry forward you'd expect some real changes. Maybe because it's still the beginning of buy Mut 21 coins the year they can not do much but even the intro ace series is copied down to the T giving you 3 silver"star" player upgrades + cover athlete in the conclusion. I'll still give it a chance like I do every year, not super optimistic they alter much.

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